Working in operations

At Quant, most of our employees are working in operations. It is a diverse area with many different roles and responsibilities. Technicians, electricians, maintenance engineers and site managers are all part of the team ensuring that we every day deliver our services in a safe and professional way.

Quant employees working in operations are responsible for the daily work, as well as developing and improving our business to meet the unique need of every customer. It is a varied job suitable for you who want to work in a team close to the customer.

Job roles in operations

The area of operations includes a wide range of roles, such as:

  • – Site Manager
  • – Site Supervisor
  • – Maintenance Engineer
  • – Reliability Engineer
  • – Maintenance Technician
  • – Electrician
  • – Purchaser
  • – Administrator
  • – Project Manager
  • – Warehouse

Meet our people

Igor Marzolla

Site Manager

Igor Marzolla had completed his studies in mechanical engineering in Brazil when he got the opportunity to join the company for a sponsored one-year post graduation program. It developed into a permanent position and since then, Igor has been travelling around the world while working in different roles and countries.

Jennifer Kilman

Maintenance Engineer

Jennifer Kilman works as a maintenance engineer at one of Quant’s sites in Sweden. It is a varied role with great opportunities to develop your career, which is one of the things she likes best about her job.

Andrei Zibarov

Maintenance Expert

Andrei Zibarov is 39 years old and works as a maintenance expert at one of our sites in Estonia. He started at Quant in 2020, as he saw it as a chance to get a wider role within the technical field.

Kristoffer Granström


Kristoffer Granström is working as a supervisor at one of Quant’s sites in Finland. He enjoys his broad and varied role but highlights his colleagues and the strong team spirit as the best things about the job.

Jorge Atton Mayorga

CMMS Specialist

Jorge Atton Mayorga is working as a CMMS specialist, based in the Quant headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Having worked in various roles since he started in 2013, he thinks Quant is the place to be if you want to learn new things and develop at work.

Evelyn Mägi

Manager within financial systems and support

Evelyn Mägi is working as a manager within financial systems and support and is based in Marinu, Estonia. Having worked at Quant for 15 years, she has gained a broad experience from working in various roles at the company.

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