Tailored partnerships in Americas


Improve reliability and productivity

A total maintenance partnership means that we take full responsibility for all aspects of maintenance. The partnership could also include full responsibility for shut-downs, upgrades, and/or modifications.

We take a holistic approach and commit to improving safety and service culture, productivity, and reliability, while at the same time aligning cost with the customer’s strategic plans.


Ensure efficient production

When planning to build a new plant, or expanding an existing plant, we can support you throughout the whole process.

With Quant involved already from an early stage of the project, we have the ability to ensure safety, reliability, availability and maintainability.


Partner with an experienced provider

A maintenance execution partnership covers all types of maintenance activities at a plant, including mechanical, electrical, automation and facility.

We take responsibility for executing maintenance activities in accordance with your maintenance management, reliability engineering, and planning.


Global Appliance Manufacturer in U.S.  

“Quant shows ownership, accountability, and real dedication to solve problems. They go beyond, because they try to understand what we want to achieve, and they produce ideas to make it happen. That is what is so amazing about the Quant partnership and leadership: accountability, and a commitment to problem-solving is part of their DNA, their culture.” 

Global appliance manufacturer Vice President

Some industries we work in

Food & beverages

The customer, a food & beverage incumbent owning a chain of industrial bakeries, needed to professionalize maintenance operations to increase the productivity in one of their bakeries.


The customer, an international blue-chip company in the mining industry and owner of several mines worldwide, needed to achieve a competitive cost per ton copper produced entailing improved efficiency in its full value chain.

Pulp & paper

In 2022, Arauco, one of the largest forest products manufacturers in South America partnered with Quant. The main targets during the mobilization phase were zero accidents, no production losses, and that at least 80-85% of the employees should transfer to Quant.

Learn more about
Quant Smart Maintenance

A maintenance partnership with Quant enables a structured journey towards improved maintenance maturity and digitalization.

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Business Development Manager Brazil

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Business Development Manager for the Mining Industry, Chile

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Business Development Manager for Other Industries, Chile

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Business Development Manager Peru

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Business Development Manager US & Mexico

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Operations Manager Chile

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