Quant, the global leader in industrial maintenance

Quant is a global leader in industrial maintenance. For over 30 years, we have been realizing the full potential of maintenance for our customers. From embedding superior safety practices and building a true maintenance culture, to optimizing maintenance cost and improving plant performance, our people make the difference. We are passionate about maintenance and proud of ensuring we achieve our customers’ goals in the most professional way.


Quant – the global leader in industrial maintenance

For over 30 years Quant has been a market leader in this industry, maintaining and improving the safety, production and equipment performance for over 400 facilities around the world. Quant is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and continues as a leader in the provision of professional industrial maintenance services with a global presence.




Years of Experience



Realizing Potential

Maintenance is key to long-term success

Maintenance is more than just a cost to production. It provides the foundation for a business’s performance and profitability, affecting everything from safety to plant productivity and energy efficiency. From designing a new plant, to getting it running and keeping it running optimally, having the right approach to maintenance makes a real difference in both the short and long-term.

Industries rarely realize the full potential of maintenance

When working with new customers we often find: the total cost of maintenance is not under full control; spare parts and subcontracting costs constantly exceed budgeted levels; the impact of maintenance on the equipment life cycle cannot be quantified; maintenance is conducted in isolation of productivity improvements; and the cost of unplanned shut downs often exceeds the total maintenance budget.

In a world where increasing regulation, competition and costs put pressure on our customers’ businesses, we constantly ask: Where can maintenance have the greatest impact; how can it contribute to a more prosperous future for our customers, in both the short and long term?

Providing value-added maintenance

All customers are concerned about rising maintenance costs and many need to improve safety performance. Some want to increase productivity or capacity to seize market opportunities. Others need to improve energy efficiency to reduce operating costs or reduce waste to meet regulatory changes.

When our customers outsource their maintenance management and execution to us we ensure that they achieve both their short and long term goals. We deploy empowered, maintenance-focused people to work as an integrated part of their production teams, using world-class processes and methodologies to improve safety and productivity all while optimizing cost.

To meet our customers’ goals we have a proven process for evaluating the potential we can realize before we start working together. Agreed goals are then continuously reviewed against actual performance. Working under performance-based agreements helps ensure that all investments in maintenance create ‘real’, sustainable business benefits, and that we all share in the value created.

Our unique approach to optimizing maintenance management and execution, with a focus on education, motivation and empowerment, takes our customers’ performance to the next level adding value in both the short and long term.


Safety Performance

Employee Motivation

Energy Efficiency

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Equipment Lifetime

Equipment Availability

Equipment Reliability

Maintenance Productivity



Safety Incidents

Operating Cost

Maintenance Cost

Spare Parts Cost

Energy Consumption

Production Losses




Empowering People

People-driven maintenance

Maintenance is a people business. From embedding superior safety practices and building a true maintenance culture, to optimizing maintenance cost and improving plant performance, our people make the difference.

A motivated, professional team

We are maintenance professionals – experts at empowering our people to realize the full potential of maintenance for our customers. We take pride in managing and executing maintenance and believe that a motivated, empowered and skilled team of dedicated professionals is a force to be reckoned with.

We implement effective planning and working methods, training our people to use our best practice processes and tools, while empowering them to create value and reduce waste. We ensure they understand how they can contribute to realizing the full potential of maintenance for our customers, linking their performance targets directly to those agreed with the customer.

Realizing sustainable business benefits for our customers requires the development and optimization of maintenance practices in a continuous collaboration, where we work as an integrated part of their teams and take responsibility for success. With proven change management processes, we ensure maintenance continues to achieve measurable results and that the benefits always outweigh the cost.


Our Values

We are passionate

we are excited about the potential of maintenance and work hard to realize it.

We are professional

we know what we need to achieve, and have the capabilities and attitude to achieve it, safely and efficiently.

We are proud

we value the satisfaction that comes from acting with integrity and achieving our goals.


Sustainability is considered in all that we do; how we design our services, what we offer customers, how we engage suppliers, how we assess risks and opportunities, and how we behave in the communities where we operate and towards one another.

In Quant, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment, Quality and Integrity are all contributing to sustainability.

Quant is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 in many of its operating countries. Quant’s integrated management system covers our industrial services, including total maintenance, maintenance management and asset class maintenance outsourcing and other industrial related services.

Quant 2019 Sustainability Report is available here

Safety & Environment

At Quant, we are committed to delivering our services responsibly and safely, preventing harm to our employees, contractors, customers, local communities, and the environment.

Our aim is zero harm, and to become and remain the best in class in safety.

Click here to download our OHSE policy


Quant aims to continually improve the services we provide, to meet and exceed our Customers’ expectations, and to produce completed work that we can be proud of. We are passionate about our business and believe that only by providing outstanding service, and quality work, will we be able to achieve Quant’s long-term success.

We continually evaluate and develop our processes and systems to ensure they remain effective. We truly believe that our people make the difference, because every Quant colleague is a professional, responsible for the quality of his/her work.

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Management Team

Tomas Rönn

Nationality: Finnish
Location: Sweden
Extensive international experience in industrial business development, sales and operations with Wärtsilä, most recently as Vice President Americas for Energy Business based in Houston, Texas.
BoS, Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

André Strömgren

Nationality: Swedish
Location: Sweden
Long experience from finance positions (treasury, investor relations) in international companies within E&P Oil & Gas, White Goods and Pharmaceuticals.
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics.

Johan Harsta

Nationality: Swedish, Canadian
Location: Czech Republic
Broad international experience in process industry and maintenance management from 35 years with Quant, ABB, ASEA.
MSc, Engineering Physics, from Uppsala University in 1984.

Terese Holmqvist
General Counsel

Nationality: Swedish
Location: Sweden
Qualifications/Education: More than 15 years of experience of commercial law. Most recently from a Swedish leading law firm, Mannheimer Swartling.
Jur.kand and LL.M (Master of Laws).

Pekka Venäläinen
Region Manager Finland & Baltics

Nationality: Finnish
Location: Sweden
Broad experience in industrial customer relations, business development and maintenance management. 27 years in ABB.
Bachelor Degree in Industrial Automation. Business Administration, General Management. 

Jan Löfving
Region Manager Europe

Nationality: Swedish
Location: Sweden
20 years of broad international experience from various GM positions in Swedish and European industrial companies.
Diploma in Marketing Management, EFL Lund University.

Maximiliano Aqueveque
Region Manager Americas

Nationality: Chilean
Location: Chile
Metallurgical Engineer, has more than 18 years of experience in mining and minerals industry, including overseas assignments in different industries.

Terese Riddar

Nationality: Swedish
Location: Sweden
Broad experience from senior roles in Human Resources and Project Management.
Bachelor Degree in Human Resource Management with an additional Master Degree in Employment and labour law. Master Degree in Quality Management and Leadership.

Board of Directors

The business address of all members of Quant’s Board of Directors and issuer is c / o Sankt Göransgatan 66, 112 33 Stockholm. The Board of Directors currently consists of six members. Information about the board members, senior executives of the company and significant external commitments relevant to the company are presented below.

Mikael Norin
Chairman of the Board - USA
Per Hallius
Olof Faxander
Casper Lerche
Henrik Sandreus
Jörgen Bergqvist