September 8, 2022

Quant signs maintenance contract with Arauco

In July, Quant Chile SpA, signed a total maintenance partnership contract with Arauco, a global manufacturer of forest products. The maintenance contract concerns the Licancel and Constitucion mills in Chile.

Quant Chile and global forest product manufacturer Arauco has signed a total maintenance partnership contract regarding two mills, Licancel and Constitucion, in Chile. The contract scope includes maintenance execution, spare parts, subcontracted services and shutdowns.

– This award shows that Arauco acknowledges the global know-how that Quant has in the industrial maintenance service and pulp and paper industry, as well as the strong local Chilean track record and presence in industrial maintenance. The maintenance contract is the first step in our joint collaboration and Quant is focusing to continue to bring the added value to Arauco, says Maximiliano Aqueveque, SVP Regional Manager for Region Americas.