June 11, 2024

Quant and Vaasan Kiiminki: “The cooperation with Quant has improved production efficiency”

For optimal results, seamless collaboration between the maintenance and production teams is essential. The partnership between Quant and Vaasan Kiiminki bakery in Finland, which began in 2019, has enhanced the bakery’s overall efficiency.

Over the years, joint successes have developed the cooperation and laid the foundation for mutual trust, enabling development in terms of production efficiency and safety.

– It is of outmost importance to us that the reliability of the machines, the quality of the products, and the reliability of delivery remain top class. We are satisfied that during our cooperation, we have managed to increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) above our target level. This achievement is proof of good cooperation, which has been influenced by the efforts of both maintenance and production personnel, says Pentti Keränen, Production Manager at Vaasan Oy.

Over the years, we have been seeking to solve challenges encountered together with the help of root cause analysis, open discussions, and cooperation.

– Quant’s local maintenance team consists of professional maintenance people, and I appreciate their expertise. Regardless of the situation, we have been able to trust that they can handle the job, says Keränen.

Occupational safety and product safety as a priority

In the food industry, safety covers both occupational safety and product safety, and these are closely monitored. Safety has also been actively promoted through cooperation.

– Here at the Kiiminki bakery, we have reached 600 days without accidents, which is a great achievement. This shows our commitment to safety, as well as the impact of current methods of operations, such as risk analysis, and the development of working methods over the years, says Keränen.

Mutual trust and common objectives

In the spring of last year, a new member became part of the local maintenance team; Hannu Kivelä, who has led the local maintenance team very well and developed the team spirit.

– Our team members are open to new ideas and problems are tackled quickly. This has been crucial in building trust towards the customer. In addition, the success of projects delivered by Quant has been an important part in building trust, says Hannu Kivelä, Maintenance Manager, Quant Finland.

Pentti Keränen, Production Manager, Vaasan Oy:

– The cooperation has continuously developed, and the common goal has become clearer. We strive to work purposefully together to achieve common goals. Open communication and shared goals are the key to everything; when these elements are in place, significant results can be achieved.