June 19, 2024

Quant Andina achieves Reference Site Certification

We are happy to announce that we now have another site joining our group of certified reference sites. Recently, our Codelco site in Andina, Chile, was awarded the Reference Site Certification and we extend our congratulations to the whole team!

The Reference Site Certification is a recognition awarded to our sites demonstrating, among other things, excellence in site assessment score, customer feedback, the implementation of our Quant processes, as well as the high commitment of our employees and the demonstration of our values on the site.

Antti Ketola, Partnership Fulfillment Core Process Owner:

“Quant’s history with Codelco Andina began in 2006 and the long partnership has been built together with a great local team that has an excellent customer-oriented mindset. Every team member recognizes their important individual roles in the overall picture of the customers’ and Quant’s operations and mutual success.”

Patricio Ibarra Gomez, Regional Manager Americas:

“I would like to congratulate the whole site team for this impressive achievement! With their commitment and professionalism, they are continuously contributing to improving and developing our services. Despite working under challenging circumstances in an underground mine, the Andina team is a true role model in living the Quant values.”

Tomas Rönn, CEO:

“Big congratulations to the Quant Andina team! Over the years, they have succeeded in maintaining a constant high level of quality in their work, and I am proud to welcome them as a Quant Reference Site.”