April 4, 2024

Our team in Baden celebrating 1000 days without accidents

On March 31, 2024, our team in Baden celebrated an outstanding safety achievement by reaching 1000 days without any work-related safety incidents. According to Site Manager Oliver Harnisch, strong teamwork is one of the reasons behind this success. Another is the intentional actions by our dedicated colleagues taking accountability to ensure we all go home safely to our loved ones.

At our site in Baden, Switzerland, we have 27 hard working Quant employees serving our customer with maintenance services and collaboration projects. The partnership continues to grow and evolve over time, and we are looking forward to continuing to build on this strong foundation in the future.

Now, we have a great reason to celebrate together, as our Quant team on site has reached 1000 days without accidents!

– This is a great milestone, and I would like to congratulate the whole site team for this achievement, says Stefan Grevsmuehl, Operations Manager and OPEX Manager for Central Europe.

Site Manager Oliver Harnisch highlights the teamwork behind this achievement, with each and every member of the team contributing and taking responsibility for the safety on site.

– I could not be more proud of this team for achieving such an important milestone and showing up every day with the commitment to care for this important topic, he says.

“An impressive milestone”

During the celebration, Oliver thanked the team for their great engagement:

– Today we celebrated our 1000 days without incidents. We are very proud of this important milestone and on behalf of the entire team in Baden, would like to thank you for your support. It is a true team effort to make this happen, and we appreciate the strong support we have even outside of Baden, he said.

Pekka Venäläinen, Regional Manager for Europe & Middle East:

– I am very proud of this achievement from the Baden team. Safety is one of our cornerstones, and it is important that we continuously work to develop and improve the safety at our sites. Reaching 1000 days without accidents is an impressive milestone and the work done by our Baden team is an excellent demonstration of a strong safety culture.