April 30, 2024

5000 days without accidents in Helsinki, Finland

At the end of March, our site team in Helsinki, Finland, reached 5000 days without accidents, which means over 13 years. This is a remarkable safety achievement, of which we should all be proud. It tells about our commitment, caring, and above all, a strong safety culture.

Site Manager Tuomas Vahteristo emphasizes the importance of the team’s courage and commitment behind this achievement.

– That we have a good safety culture is evident in our commitment to stop the work when risks are identified, and we continue working only when all risks have been eliminated, he emphasizes.

Vahteristo notes that our safety work is done in close collaboration with our clients.

– We share goals with our clients and have succeeded in creating a culture where deviations are seen as opportunities. We are ready to work to ensure that these observed deviations are always resolved together, he explains.

“A significant indication of a strong safety culture”

Local Maintenance Manager Lari Kostamo explains how the safety-oriented work is reflected in the team’s daily routines.

– This achievement is a significant indication of a strong safety culture. The courage to intervene in safety matters and a critical examination of everyone’s own work can also be seen in everyday life. Our goal in adopting a strong safety culture is that observations and reporting are part of our everyday activities, which comes automatically, Kostamo says.

Maintenance Technician Jyri Tuominen, who is working at the site, highlights the key aspects of achieving a safe work environment in daily tasks.

– Safety is key in everything we do. In the shift meetings, safety is one topic and an opportunity to highlight and discuss possible deviations and risks within the team. In addition, the importance of stopping before starting each work cannot be overemphasized, he says.

– A risk assessment is always carried out before starting the work and in addition, when applying for a work permit, we also discuss with the customer about the safety and possible changes that may occur in the work environment during maintenance or repair. In this way we can ensure a safe work environment for everyone.

Vahteristo concludes by thanking the entire team for their outstanding safety work.

– Quant’s people exhibit professionalism, pride, and passion for promoting safety, leading to excellent results. Thank you all for the great safety work!