May 21, 2024

Quant Västerås reaching 6,000 days without accidents

Recently, our Quant team in Västerås, Sweden, reached a major milestone, when they completed 6,000 days without Lost Time Incidents (LTI). Quant Site Manager Mattias Ericsson highlights Quant’s as well as our customer’s strong safety culture, and a genuine concern for each other, as some of the key factors behind this impressive performance.

Our partnership in Västerås stretches back several years. Since 2011, Quant has been responsible for the preventive and planned maintenance at the plant. The maintenance team is relatively small, which, according to site manager Mattias Ericsson, contributes to a great commitment regarding safety issues.

– Since we are a relatively small group, it is easier to involve all employees in the daily work and the discussions about how we can carry it out in the safest possible way, he says.

”A role model for the entire industry”

The fact that we recently reached 6,000 days without accidents in Västerås is an impressive achievement. Mattias believes that the strong safety culture, in which risk assessments before starting the work is an important cornerstone, is a crucial factor.

– The risk assessments are extremely important. That we carry them out consistently and carefully. In addition, we benefit greatly from digital tools, and working continuously to minimize risks through adaptation and development of, for example, work methods and guidelines.

He also highlights the strong team spirit on the site.

– We have a very strong team spirit. We care about each other, stand up for each other, and help each other out whenever needed.

Pekka Venäläinen, Regional Manager for Europe & Middle East:

– I am very proud of the work that our employees in Västerås do together with our customer. Succeeding in maintaining such a high quality of work for such a long time is an impressive achievement and they are a role model for the entire industry. For us at Quant, safety comes first, which our employees in Västerås with their commitment and professionalism are an excellent example of.