June 18, 2024

Quant Kuusankoski reaches 1,500 days without accidents

Quant is committed to creating a safe work environment for our employees and partners. To achieve this, we have invested heavily in developing a strong safety culture and over the years, our different sites have achieved remarkable milestones in area of safety.

Our teams in Kiiminki, Kuusankoski, and Vantaa, Finland, achieved excellent results in April during Quant’s Safety Month. The Site Manager who is responsible for our partnership with Vaasan Oy explained the active safety work done on the sites in more detail.

– Our teams at all three sites have done an excellent job in promoting safety since the beginning of the year, which is reflected in a positive trend in our safety reports. In particular, the impact of the Quant Safety Month can be seen in the increase of proactive safety measures, where a total of 194 have been carried out, says Juha Rasinmäki, Site Manager, Quant Finland.

Quant’s Kuusankoski team reached a special milestone in April, completing 1,500 days without accidents. This remarkable achievement is a result of the team’s commitment and active efforts to ensure safety. The team celebrated this significant event together with cake and coffee in mid-May.

Picture from Kuusankoski

One of the key factors in developing a strong safety culture has been to lead by example. In addition, the team members’ intervention in identified risk factors is another significant factor.

– We have also achieved excellent results in Kiiminki in terms of preventive safety measures. Our local team has been actively implementing preventive safety measures, and it has been great to follow the progress!

Picture from Kiiminki

Building and maintaining a strong safety culture is an ongoing process that requires close collaboration both within the team and with the customer.

– We have a common goal with our customer, and safety issues are important also to our customer. Maintaining and developing safety requires continuous attention and proactive work from the entire team. Identified risks must be addressed promptly and effective communication must be ensured, says Juha.

Key elements of creating a safe work environment:

  • – Leading by example: Supervisors set an example by following safety practices and addressing safety risks.
  • – Collaboration within the team and with the customer: Employees work together to create and maintain a safe work environment.
  • – Anticipation: Safety risks are identified and addressed effectively.
  • – Communication: Safety issues are discussed together and communicated openly.

It is possible to build a strong safety culture with the help of a committed management and team!