September 19, 2022

Do you know how the added value of maintenance should be reflected in your business?

How is the maintenance organization generating value for your business right now? Does it support development of your production and your future goals of your business?  Companies from a wide range of industries are combined by one single question, how can the maintenance organization support our business even better?

Maintenance expert, Quant, is a global leader in industrial maintenance with over 30 years of experience and 400 references around the globe. Quant has partnered with customers in various types of industries and provides added value to its customers through customized operating models as well as modern maintenance processes, in which digital tools have taken a significant role.

Sebastian Storbacka, Region Manager from Finland, and Baltics told how Quant have a clear view of how the value creation of maintenance should be reflected in the business of each industrial company.

Significant role as a part of the plant’s operations

From the point of view of the efficiency of the production plant, the maintenance function and its success are of great importance. A maintenance company can even be described as a strategic partner of an industrial company, which supports the efficiency of the production plant and thus its growth and competitiveness.

A partner providing maintenance services can add value to an industrial company in different ways, depending on the current situation and needs of the plant, and future goals of the customer.

Our offering is comprehensive, and the contract models are flexible, and thus our partnership model will always be tailored to suit each customer, emphasizing individual needs,” Storbacka says.

One important element in creating an efficient maintenance process, and thereby ensuring reliable production, is modern digital tools. This is also most often the factor that distinguishes outsourced maintenance, and the plant’s own maintenance function.

“Modern processes enable us to improve the availability and reliability of production, for example by monitoring the operation of critical production equipment and predicting faults based on the data collected. Preventing production bottlenecks, it clearly affects to production efficiency, cost savings and the competitiveness of the customer”, says Storbacka.

The maintenance strategy is built on common goals

One of the most common values in value creation is certainly cost control, but does this alone support the client company’s future goals to develop or grow its business?

With proactive maintenance measures, the maintenance organization can achieve a high utilization rate of the equipment, in which case the value creation is aimed at increasing production. In addition, proactive measures also have a direct impact on equipment lifetime and costs.

“The best benefits from high-quality maintenance are when it is guided by a common strategy and goals with production” Storbacka continues.

Safety, health and sustainability

Safety, health, and sustainability are also important areas through which a maintenance company can add value to a customer company. For Quant in particular, the above topics are always a priority number one. The development of operations is always driven by the perspective of safety and sustainability, through which long-term results can also be produced. The way Quant operates at customer sites and supports its customers in developing a safety culture, it truly creates value in the right place.

“Safety is a choice for us, which also helps the customer to take the safety culture of the entire production plant to a level where colleagues proactively take care of each other’s safety.” Storbacka summarize.