May 9, 2022

”We can already see a big difference when it comes to safety”

During Quant Safety Week 2022, we arrange several activities aiming at strengthening our safety culture even further. At one of our newest sites, we have already noticed a great improvement when it comes to safety, even though it is not long since Quant took over the maintenance responsibility. According to Niklas Henriksson, development engineer at Quant, good cooperation with the customer and simple technical solutions are some of the keys behind the improvement.

At one of Quant’s newest sites in region Europe & Middle East, we have around 30 employees working at the maintenance department. Even though the contract is relatively new, great safety improvements are already noticeable.

– We can already see a very big difference. There is much more focus on safety, and we talk a lot about it, the importance of using the right equipment, how we can perform tasks safely and so on, says Niklas Henriksson, development engineer in Quant’s Operational Excellence team.

Niklas has been involved in many start-ups of new sites and says that this is very common after Quant has taken over the maintenance responsibility. There is often a great safety improvement after the takeover, which can be explained by training and a greater focus on safety.

”Have received very positive customer feedback”

According to Niklas, communication is another important factor in improving safety at site.

– As an example, we talk about safety in every morning meeting, and we have common goals that we follow up and talk about every morning, he says.

– It is incredibly important to explain why we should do things in a certain way and also that we follow up on these things. If we take risk assessments as an example, we are not doing them for the company, but to ensure that our employees can work safely and to remember the little things that you might forget if you are stressed or similar.

Another contributing factor to the strengthened safety culture is the close cooperation with the customer. Niklas says that Quant has received very positive customer feedback on the improvements that have taken place since the takeover.

–  There is a big a difference in how we use safety equipment, for example, and we have been praised for that. In addition, we have received very positive feedback for being the department that makes the most risk observations, Niklas says.

– The customer has also taken great steps forward when it comes to safety, so we have done a good job together.

QR codes supporting the safety work

In the beginning of May, we arrange Quant Safety Week 2022. This year’s theme is Raise your hand, which is a is a principle empowering everyone in Quant to exercise their right to stop and report unsafe work, conditions, or acts. According to Niklas, there is a strong safety culture on site when it comes to having the courage to stop a job due to a potential safety risk. Communication and good customer cooperation are two contributing factors, but technical solutions have also been implemented to support the safety work. One example is QR codes used to easily check fall protection equipment.

– We are using QR codes that you can easily scan with your phone to get information about when the last inspection was done and how many days are left until the next inspection. Previously, there was no good system to keep track of this, but now we have it easily accessible for everyone.