August 29, 2023

Maximized productivity and technical availability with quantEffect

With quantEffect, it is easy for our customers to get an overview of the plant productivity by measuring the effectiveness of the machines. The cloud-based solution is user friendly and visualizes the collected data in a simple way. We recently started a project at one of our sites in Sweden where the customer’s key machines have been connected to quantEffect.

Recently, we started a project at one of our Swedish sites to help the customer measure the plant productivity. By connecting one of their key machines to quantEffect, our cloud-based solution for automatic measurement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), our customer easily gets an overview of the production.

– They have had an OEE system in the past, which has not worked the way they wanted it to. Our system is more visual and user friendly, says Andreas Ekstrand Larsson, Operational Excellence Engineer at Quant.

Clear overview of the plant productivity

quantEffect is a cloud-based solution for accurate and automated measurement of OEE. All industries are supported, the system is scalable from a single machine up to multi-site production plants, and the implementation is quick and easy.

At this Swedish site, quantEffect has been used for another key machine in the same department since 2018 and it is also used for machines in another department. Now, yet another piece of equipment has been connected to the system. Through sensors collecting the requested data, the customer can monitor the machines in real-time.

– It helps the customer to easily get a clear overview of the productivity of their machines, how often they are running and how much time they lose due to various reasons, Andreas says.

Using a screen installed on the machines, the production staff can easily monitor the productivity of the machines and manage any outages.

– It is a touch screen where they get an overview of the machine and in case the machine stops, it only requires a few clicks to code it, Andreas says.

Increased technical availability

In addition to the benefits that quantEffect brings to the customer, the system is also helpful for Quant’s maintenance staff. Using the data collected via the system, Quant can implement measures to increase the technical availability of each machine.

– When the system is set up, we define which errors are counted as technical errors, so that we can then measure how many and what type of technical errors a machine has and implement measures to prevent problems and increase the technical availability, Andreas says.

– The data can thus be used both for monitoring but also for analyses that contribute to us being able to make improvements based on the data collected.