May 5, 2022

High engagement led to great milestone in Sweden

Recently, Quant’s site team in Figeholm, Sweden, celebrated a great achievement in safety when they reached 5,700 days without Lost Time Incidents (LTI). The achievement is a great milestone and proof of a strong safety culture.

The cooperation with the customer started seven years ago, and the team at site have done a great safety work together with the customer right from the start.

– We truly share common values with the customer. Safety is always priority number one for both of us. Which is a very important thing when it comes to succeeding in continuously developing a safe work environment, for us and for our customer. Good conversations and weekly meetings have made it possible to reach the common goals during the years, says Urban Lind, Site Manager, Quant Figeholm.

The Quant team at the site in Figeholm consists of 16 persons who have a great attitude when it comes to safety.

– Everyone in our team has a very strong safety attitude, and they are all engaged in developing our safety culture. They are brave enough to bring all noticed deviations and potential risks up for discussion, which enables us to ensure a safe working environment.

Risk assessments is one of the keys to ensure a safe work environment

Urban says that one of the most important things to ensure a safe work environment for all is to do a risk asssessment before starting a task.

– It cannot be overemphasized how important risk assessment is as the first part of the work task. Especially when we have a new person at the site, then we always do a wider risk assessment before starting the work. Since the area is not familiar to the new person, it creates a higher risk for accidents, he says.

– We also pay much attention to that you have to have proper education for the work task you are doing. For example when you work with cranes, forklifts or welding, you need to have proper training. If you do not have it, you are not doing the task. All team members understand that the first step is to ensure that everyone involved can perform their tasks safely.

Sharing the same values with our customer and all employees will allow fast intervention when a potential risk is noticed.

– As mentioned earlier, our customer is very engaged in safety, which sets a good foundation for development. Whenever a potential risk is noticed, the corrective actions have always been made quickly in order to eliminate the risk and ensure a safe work environment for all as soon as possible.

Safety is our common goal

Joint discussions about safety together with the employees develops the safety culture, and also gives opportunity to share important learnings.

– Every morning, we have meetings where we discuss safety related issues and share information with each other. In this way, safety will always be part of our discussions, which is an important part in strengthening the safety culture, Urban says.

– To further develop our work environment in the future, we are going to have three safety representatives instead of one. This change will give us even better possibilities to develop our safety work at site, and to give even better support to our customer.

Urban wants to thank all team members for the great safety work at site.

– I want to thank all of our team members for their great work during the years, I appreciate your proactive way to develop safety and ensure a safe environment for all of us. Let’s keep working in the same way also in the future!