September 14, 2023

Using virtual reality to improve working methods

In Chile, a new training program has sparked enthusiasm and appreciation among the employees. Using virtual reality (VR) as a complement to more traditional teaching methods, we have seen good results when it comes to working safely.

At one of our sites in Chile, there is an ongoing education program for all Quant employees. In order to be authorized to work within the area, all employees have to participate in the training program which covers several different subjects. Complementing the regular training sessions, virtual reality (VR) has been used to stage different scenarios.

– We are very happy about this training. Using VR as a complement to other activities has helped us improve the quality of the training, says Mario Carvajal, Site Manager.

Reducing risks in a complex working environment

This way of using technology for educational purposes has been appreciated by the employees.

– The participants have been very enthusiastic. You are learning to work safely through playing, basically. It is almost like being a child again. And we have seen very good results, Mario says.

Two topics included in the VR training are working at heights and firefighting. Using VR makes it possible to stage potentially dangerous situations without exposing the participants to risks.

– It is of course impossible to reproduce exactly what happens in real life, but we can get very close. We still have to work in the reality, but this training can facilitate the work as you have a close experience, Mario says.

Another advantage is that the trainings do not have to be held on site, making it easier for example when onboarding new employees,

– We are working in an underground mine, which is a very complex working environment. It is remote and there are several requirements you must meet before you can even enter the working area. But with this training, we can do it in an office which makes it a lot easier, Mario says.

Sharing experiences with our customer

The customer is also involved in the training program and will use it for their employees as well. When the project has been finished, we will share experiences and review the program together to find areas of improvement.

The participants have been enthusiastic about including VR in the training program, as it is a new way of learning. Another aspect of it is that it has made employees feel appreciated.

– Our employees have been very thankful. They feel that we care about them as we are using a different kind of method to help them work safely. It is very rewarding, Mario says.