April 11, 2024

The Andina team winning Quant Awards

In February, the runners-up and winners of Quant Awards 2023 were announced. The Andina team in Chile won the Sustainability Award, for consistent and efficient management of the safety on the site, achieving zero recordable incidents for 17 years.

Site Manager Mario Carvajal highlights the teamwork behind this achievement, recognizing the contribution from each member of the site team.

– Every member of the team, whether it is a worker, technician, supervisor, or administrator, understands the importance of their role in managing risks and implementing improvements, he says.

– We are committed to following strict safety management standards and tools, both from our client and Quant, to ensure that we maintain a disciplined approach to safety management. We have also developed a strong collaborative relationship with our client, allowing us to work together as a team in effectively managing safety.

There are several safety related activities in the underground mine performed daily to ensure a strong safety culture. As an example, there are start-of-shift meetings where both direct workers and supervisory groups participate. During these meetings, the group analyze safety events that occur at Quant, our client, or in the industry.

– From these discussions, we learn and commit to implementing necessary changes, Mario says.

– We also have daily safety analysis meetings between our group of supervisors and our client. This is an essential part of our safety management process, to maintain alignment and focus on safety efforts from the both of us.

“We feel proud”

A third example is the field safety dialogues, where workers and supervisors evaluate and share impressions about the risks and interactions, the status of tools, work complexities, and how to control all risks detected. These are held before the start of every work task.

– In conclusion, our dedication to safety is our first priority, and we believe that our daily activities are essential to maintain safe work at our site, Mario says.

He feels proud about receiving this award together with his team.

– We are human, and errors can occur even with the best practices or high safety standards. So in this context, we feel proud, but always with our feet on the ground. This is a collective achievement where each and every one of us counts.