February 29, 2024

Quant Switzerland joining forces with Accelleron in energy efficiency improvement project

At our site in Baden, Switzerland, we have an ongoing energy efficiency improvement project together with our customer Accelleron, who are installing solar panels on their factory buildings. Dario Gentile, Project Manager in Electrics at Quant, is playing a key role in this project, and has been supporting our customer already from the start.

Accelleron is a global leader in turbocharging technologies. They operate in a wide range of industries, including marine, energy, and rail. Based in Baden, Switzerland, Accellleron has over 100 service stations worldwide, employing around 2,500 people globally.

Quant is responsible for the industrial maintenance at Accelleron‘s facility in Baden. Starting in 2022, we are also involved in energy efficiency improvement projects in Accelleron, one of which is the installation of solar panels on their factory building as a part of their ambitious sustainability strategy.

– When the project is finished, we expect to cover up to ten percent of our yearly electricity consumption, says Violette Mounier, Project Manager at Accelleron.

Dario Gentile, Project Manager in Electrics at Quant, has been part of the project already from the start.

– His role has been really central in this project. He has been our contact person for anything related to the electrical infrastructure, and he also made the electrical concept so that we can optimize the energy usage between the different buildings, says Violette.

Making operations more sustainable

At Quant, one of our core processes is the Plant Perfomance Improvement process (PPI). Our plant performance solutions serve to increase the effective use of existing production facilities, with the aim to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and technical availability for our customers‘ production assets.

With a systematic focus on reliability and continuous development of the production process, supported by the implementation of digital solutions, we can support our customers to achieve continous improvements. This energy efficiency improvement project is part of the PPI process on this site.

– Apart from the financial aspect, this is also a great example of using green energy, and how we can support our customers in becoming more sustainable in their operations, says Dario.

The installation of solar panels in the Baden factory will be realized in different phases. The first phase, including the building energy utilization optimization, will be finished during the second quarter of 2024. Two additional phases are planned, and the second phase should be started this year. For Dario, it has been an interesting journey to be part of the project already from the inital feasibility study.

– I have been a technical support to the customer, helping them with for example calculations and how to manage the energy flow, but also bringing improvement ideas, he says.

“Very satisfied with the collaboration“

Apart from this energy efficiency improvement project, Dario is also involved in other Accelleron initiatives aiming at reducing the electricity consumption in the production. In these projects, he provides support on the electrical infrastructure, measurements, and similar.

– As Dario has the expertise within this area, anytime we want to do something related to improving the electricy consumption, either related to machinery or infrastructure, he is for sure our contact person, Violette says.

– We are very satisfied with the collaboration. It has been easy and uncomplicated. Dario has the expertise, but is also a reliable person and has brought really good ideas.