December 22, 2023

Quant Spain renews maintenance contract with Esmalglass-Itaca

Quant Spain and Esmalglass-Itaca have agreed on a three-year extension of the maintenance contract originally started in 2018. The contract was extended until December 2026.

Esmalglass-Itaca is part of the Altadia Group, a worldwide leader in frit, glaze, color, and ink manufacturing. Established in 1978 in Vila-real (Castellón, Spain), Esmalglass-Itaca is today operating worldwide with more than 1,300 employees.

Quant is responsible for the maintenance activities at the plant in Vila-real, Spain. The contract scope includes responsibility for all manufacturing areas focusing on asset reliability and productivity improvements.

“I am very pleased to continue our cooperation with Esmalglass-Itaca. We are proud to support their business and I look forward to continuing to develop our partnership in the coming years”, says Pekka Venäläinen, Regional Manager Europe & Middle East.