March 8, 2024

“Quant offers promising career prospects”

For the International Women’s Day 2024, Quant Europe & Middle East spotlights some of the women who have recently joined our company. What is it like working in industrial maintenance, and why did they choose to join Quant?

Nathalie Daher works as a Senior Business Developer for Quant Gulf. Prior to joining us, she worked as an Account Executive within the technology sector at a leading systems integrator.

– Transitioning to the vendor side marked the next phase in my career journey, where I aimed to streamline my focus compared to managing multiple vendors with diverse value propositions, she says.

– I identified industrial maintenance as an underrated yet significantly promising market with immense potential, particularly in the Middle East. Aligning with Quant presented an ideal opportunity for me, given its trajectory as a growing company coupled with a leadership philosophy and cultural environment that fosters creativity and innovation – qualities I am eager to contribute to and thrive within.

“I am constantly evolving”

For Jennifer Kilman, Maintenance Engineer at one of our sites in Sweden, the company culture is one of the biggest benefits of working at Quant. She feels well supported by managers and colleagues, while seeing good opportunities for growing her career.

– One of the things I like most about working here is that I am constantly evolving and getting challenged. I do not like stagnation, as it kills inspiration and motivation, she says.

After her studies in automation and maintenance, Jennifer worked as a field application engineer within vision technology. She chose to join Quant instead of accepting a similar position at another company.

– I chose Quant based on the client, and because I felt I could make a bigger impact here. I am very interested in maintenance, and I enjoy working with it, and maintenance is the main core of Quant.

Industrial maintenance is still a predominantly male sector. One might expect that this could pose challenges for women working within the industry. However, for Jennifer this has not been the case.

– As a younger woman in a male dominated field, I felt like it was going to be tough getting my voice heard, like it has been before. That has not been the case here though, which I am very happy about, she says.

– Instead, the biggest challenge in my role would probably be getting people and companies invested in maintenance – they do not always see it as a necessity or a priority, when it definitely is.

“A catalyst for professional growth”

Nathalie also recognizes the male domination within the industry but feels supported and empowered by her colleagues.

– Encountering a female working in industrial maintenance is not a common occurrence. Nevertheless, my predominantly male engineering colleagues who often support with their technical expertise on the opportunities, ensure my active involvement in client engagements by emphasizing the significance of my role, resulting in positive relationships with our clients.

She sees the inclusive environment, fostering creativity and innovation, and potential to grow your career as some of the biggest benefits of working at Quant.

– Being a part of Quant, which is affiliated with a multinational organization embodying strong values, ensures we thrive within a diverse and inclusive workplace committed to integrity and excellence, she says.

– Our company offers promising career prospects, serving as a catalyst for professional growth and development.