May 3, 2022

Passion for development enabling an innovative work environment

In recent years, the maintenance industry has taken great development steps as digitalization has brought new solutions to the various stages of the maintenance process. The phase of change attracts innovative experts to the industry to develop new, more efficient solutions. The opportunity to explore one’s own potential is of interest to those in the early stages of their career, as well as more experienced experts.

Quant have been able to meet the needs of both customers and employees, as can be seen by the strong development that has taken place in recent years in terms of both customer and employee satisfaction. The desire to develop within the company and the model for continuous improvement have created a good basis for both customer relationships and the development of the employees‘ own competences.

Smart Services for a Sustainable World

The importance of digitalization is highlighted in Quant’s vision “Smart Services for a Sustainable World“. Digital solutions play a key role in the business, which is why new solutions have been invested in and will continue to be an important topic in the future.

A corporate culture where there is always room for new solutions and ideas is also enabling an innovative work environment for our employees. This is reflected, among other things, in our positive attitude towards the development of each individual‘s own competencies, as well as in the encouragement to consider new solutions to generate even higher customer value. There are also opportunities to be recognized for finding a new solution in various local awards, or through the annual global Quant Awards.

Supporting sites in the midst of change

Digital tools are designed to streamline various stages of the maintenance process, such as predicting unplanned production downtime, making customer reporting more efficient, or improving occupational safety.

To ensure the effective and safe deployment of new tools, Quant have established international and regional teams to support sites‘ understanding and expertise in the midst of change. Sites are not at risk of being left alone, but Quant have ensured that support is always available and that progress can always be made effectively.

Take a closer look at Quant’s digital tools or the opportunities we are offering for your career!