March 30, 2023

Outsourcing industrial maintenance – Threat or opportunity?

In industrial companies, maintenance outsourcing is normally viewed as an opportunity to increase the plant’s productivity and cost effectiveness by adopting a more sophisticated maintenance approach.  However, sometimes outsourcing can be viewed as a threat to the organization and the most common concerns are the transfer of employees and potential loss of control and responsibility.

The maintenance expert, Quant, has been offering maintenance outsourcing services to its customers for several decades and along the way also encountered various prejudices, concerns and fears related to outsourcing. However, the company is a good example of how proper communication and transparency regarding outsourcing will turn out to be a win-win situation for the maintenance organization and the customer, where the plant performance will improve, and the maintenance staff will be developed.

Maintenance is seen as a strategic function

Quant always aims for a situation where maintenance outsourcing is perceived as a positive solution for both, the customer’s business, and the transferred employees, regarding the future. The most significant reason why maintenance outsourcing is seen as an opportunity is that the maintenance is perceived as an important strategic function, which enables the further development of the production facility’s operation and thereby ensures the reliability and efficiency of production.

When you are cooperating with Quant, the common goals and cooperation is developed based on the customer’s production strategy. Over the years, Quant has succeeded in building long-term and strong partnerships with customers, and this is also one of the key reasons for their success. It is important that both the partners and the employees trust in the new step which going be taken together.

Modern maintenance increases the customer’s competitiveness

In manufacturing companies, maintenance is not a core business, but for Quant it is exactly that. This enables the production plant to focus on its own core business, while the maintenance partner takes care of the development of plant maintenance and thereby supports the production.

Modern maintenance includes integrated digital tools, which the manufacturing company’s own maintenance usually do not have the resources to develop. Digital tools enable the collection and analysis of data, so that maintenance operations can be optimized more efficiently, and failures can be prevented.

The goal of the cooperation usually concerns optimizing costs, increasing production efficiency, and improving the performance of the production plant in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. For example, costs can be directed through analysis to the development of the most critical functions, production can be made more efficient, i.e. the reliability and usability of equipment and machines is improved. The right maintenance at the right time also increases the service life of the equipment. Overall, by improving the plant’s performance, maintenance can improve the customer’s competitiveness.

Both the customer and the transferred personnel benefit from outsourcing

A well-functioning maintenance is a key factor for the success of manufacturing companies. A partnership with Quant enables the customer to have access to a worldwide network of experts who can solve even the most challenging problems. Extensive experience in various industrial fields and sectors guarantees proven solutions and processes, which are precisely tailored to suit the respective production plant. Reliable and cost-effective production gives the company a strong foundation for success.

Modern maintenance also creates a motivating work environment for personnel and enable the development of one’s own professional skills and a suitable career path for everyone among the company’s various functions and units. Quant can offer the transferred personnel versatile development opportunities and career paths in the field of maintenance, and this opportunity is often praised after the fear of “outsourcing” has been dispelled. Quant as a service provider invest heavily in the development and well-being of the employees.

In summary, it can be stated that the maintenance outsourcing benefits both the customer and the transferred personnel. A strong expert in maintenance can use smart and sustainable development to support the operation of the production plant both in the current and future competitive environment.