January 20, 2022

Increasing efficiency in the underground mine’s warehouse system

At the end of 2021, Quant Quality Engineer Constanza Matus was awarded as one of the 100 Inspiring Women in Mining. Having implemented a solution to improve the warehouse system, Constanza’s work has contributed to a more efficient and flexible way of working in the underground mine.

In December, Quant Quality Engineer Constanza Matus was chosen as one of the 100 Inspiring Women in Mining 2021 by the NGO Women in Mining. Constanza, who is working at our Andina site in Chile, was recognized in the Emerging Talent category for her work to improve the warehouse system in the Andina underground mine.

By implementing a solution to keep better track of warehouse changes, time is saved both in the daily work but also in general, as inventory is now done automatically.

–  More than saving time, this also improves the communication and handover between different shifts. Everyone has easy access to the information needed, which I think is the biggest benefit with this, Constanza says.

“This is the best job you can have“

When studying at the university, Constanza was one of ten female students out of a total of one hundred mining students. Back then, she followed Women in Mining and got inspired by the awarded women. Now, she is one of them.

– I am really happy, and I am so proud! Every year, I saw  these women with their prizes and wanted to be one of them. And now I am, she says.

– Seeing them inspired me, and now I hope I can inspire others to join the mining industry!

Working as a Quality Engineer at the Andina site is a varied job. That is one reason to why Constanza loves her role – and why she would recommend others to join the industry as well.

– I see different things every day. Every day is an adventure, this is the best job you can have, she says.

– It is like a different world. When you enter the mine, you enter a different world!

“That’s what makes us grow“

Although a majority of the people working in the mining industry are men, more and more women are starting to study and work within the field. Constanza is looking forward to getting more female colleagues, as different perspectives and backgrounds are an important strength within a team.

– That is what makes us grow, she says.