June 24, 2024

Increased availability and efficiency through digitized maintenance

In the spring of 2024, a digitalization project was started at our site in Figeholm, Sweden. By using AI to analyze data collected via cloud-based sensors, we can make the maintenance work more efficient while improving safety and availability for our customer.

The project in Figeholm is one of several examples of how we at Quant help our customers increase digitalization and improve efficiency, productivity, and safety.

In Figeholm, we have installed cloud-based sensors on a number of machines to measure vibration. In addition, we have started using smart lubrication cartridges, making the process of lubricating the machines much more efficient.

– It is an automatic grease lubricator, which is connected via a sensor. We can monitor it online and we receive notifications when it is time to refill the grease, says Site Manager Urban Lind.

Increased safety and sustainability

The sensors are connected to quantPredict, our cloud-based monitoring system for compiling and analyzing collected sensor data. Should a deviation be detected based on the learned standard values, a work order request is created, and we can then plan and schedule the work order for our maintenance staff.

– The system is very visual and works really well. The customer wants us to help them with digitalization so that they can achieve their goals, and are very satisfied with this solution, says Urban.

The use of these sensors contributes to increased efficiency and availability for the production. In addition, the work becomes safer when the maintenance of machines can be planned ahead.

– First of all, these lubricators are quite inaccessible, which means that the work becomes safer when we do not have to carry out preventive maintenance to the same extent. In addition, these cartridges do not have to be replaced when the grease runs out, but can be refilled, which of course is more sustainable.

“The customer benefits from it in terms of availability”

Currently, vibration sensors are used on several machines, while the smart lubrication cartridges have been installed on one machine. The plan is to be able to expand the use to several machines, to further increase the rate of digitalization.

– Our customer is very positive about this, and they are very satisfied that we now have better control over lubrication and vibration, Urban says.

– We know that the machines are properly lubricated, and we know when it is time to refill the grease. It is extremely smooth, safer, and the customer benefits from it in terms of availability.