March 18, 2024

Engaging leadership training in Sweden

Recently, the final module of our internal leadership training was held. The training focuses on different topics related to leadership and gathers employees in Sweden who, among other things, learn  tools to support others in their development, as well as develop their own leadership qualities.

The leadership training is held in several modules and includes, among other things, lectures, and various types of group work. Since our employees are one of the focus areas in our strategy, this training is important to achieve our strategic goals and improve our operations for both employees and customers, says Sofia Strömqvist, HR Manager for Quant Europe.

– It is incredibly important to us that our employees feel that they are developing at work. Having strong leadership is a key part of this, so that we can offer an attractive and developing workplace, she says.

“One of the things I had been looking forward to”

Devad Alagic, maintenance engineer in Västerås, was one of the participants in the training. He thinks that it has been very valuable to get to know and share experiences with colleagues within Quant.

– Some are relatively new in their role, while others have worked for a longer period of time. So you get to meet different people and share your experiences, he says.

– It has been great fun getting to know each other! That was one of the things I had been looking forward to.

Pål Nilsson, supervisor for preventive maintenance at our site in Gruvön, also thinks that it has been valuable to make contacts within the company.

– It is great to meet others who work at Quant. It is important to get to know how others are doing things, discuss, and getting advice from people who work with the same things as yourself, he says.

– It creates an understanding of how it works at other sites, and you can share experiences and talk about how you have acted in different situations or solved different problems.

“I am very proud”

Both Devad and Pål have benefited from what they have learned during the training. One example is working with feedback and communication.

– While we work for the customer, the well-being of our employees is also important. Our job is special in that way, you never know how the day will turn out. It can be great, and all of a sudden, the machines stop, and the day turns out completely different than you had planned. So it is important with communication and that we talk to each other, Devad says.

For Pål, the exchange with the other participants was one of the great advantages of attending the leadership training. It has given him valuable insights and lessons to take into his own work. At the same time, he has developed as a person and leader.

– I think I have gained a better insight into what is important in my job. Now, I think even more about doing my best to create a work environment where our employees feel safe, and I really try to see each person and not just focus on the work.

Sofia is happy about the positive feedback the training has received and looks forward to continuing to develop our leadership within the company.

– I am so proud of our participants and how they have engaged with this training. As I said, leadership is incredibly important and one of the areas we are continuously working with to constantly develop as an employer. At the same time, it has become clear during this training that we have great leaders at Quant, and I am very proud of them, she says.