June 2, 2022

Creating significant value for producer of power distribution solutions

The customer, a producer of power distribution solutions with five major industrial plants in Europe, needed to improve maintenance operations to support the transformation to world leading operations, with ambition to improve output as well as cost ratios for all its plants. Some plants had been struggling over time with low technical availability (TA) due to low maintenance practices in combination with assets at the end of their life cycle.

The maintenance at all customer plants were outsourced to Quant and the transition was initiated step-by-step to ensure the right setup for a successful transformation journey. As a first step, Quant developed a “Proof of Concept plant“ and once implemented, validated and proven successful, this setup was mirrored on the four remaining sites. Within a year, Quant successfully transformed all plants to the new model according to the setup in the “Proof of Concept plant”. The result of the transformation showed improvements in technical availability, maintenance performance, Safety and Service culture, as well as cost and output ratios.

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