Successful mobilization project for a large forest product manufacturer


Zero accidents and successful

transfer of employees

In 2022, Arauco, one of the largest forest products manufacturers in South America partnered with Quant in a Total Maintenance Partnership contract. Quant is responsible for maintenance Development and Execution, Inventory and Contractor management as well as shutdown planning and execution. The first phase of the partnership encompasses mobilization and transfer of employees to Quant. In this phase, three main targets were defined together with the customer:

  • – Zero incidents and visible leadership with full compliance with safety standards
  • – No production losses due to the transition process
  • – At least 80-85% of the employees should transfer to Quant to ensure that critical technical knowledge and skills do not get lost in the process.

Results achieved

No incidents and

95% employee retention

For mill 1, three months were defined as the mobilization phase. For mill 2, four months were defined as the mobilization phase. During this time;

  • – No incidents where registered.
  • – No production losses were registered during the mobilization.
  • – 130 employees were transferred, which equals to 95% retention.
  • – 97% of defined mobilization activities were performed in time.

The remaining five percent of the employees did not accept Quant’s offer given that they were close to retirement or had a personal plan to develop in other directions. The remaining three percent of activities were rescheduled after day 1 and included into the Maintenance Management Master Plan handed over to the Quant operations team after the mobilization phase.

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