December 19, 2023

The Quant team recognized by our customer for its commitment to safety

The Quant team working at the Primary Production Unit, CAP UPP site in Huachipato, Chile, was recently recognized by our customer for their outstanding management in safety and occupational health. At this site, Quant is responsible for providing maintenance services in key areas for the largest steel producer in Chile.

Our Quant employees were recognized on November 22 by Mutual de Seguridad – the Chilean organization responsible for protecting workers through accident prevention – for their teamwork and commitment to self-care in the contract.

CAP executives attended the event, including Safety and Environment Manager Swindy Kopp, Safety and Environment Superintendent Vivian Aguilera, Blast Furnace Superintendent Jose Manuel Pastene, Coke Plant Superintendent Gustavo Ramírez, and Integrity and Risk Superintendent Christian Aguayo. From Quant, Operations Manager Francisco Ferrada, Site Manager Manuel Martínez, General Supervisor Fabián Oria, OHSEQ Advisor Gabriel Peña, and Miguel Flores, representative of the Joint Committee, were present.

CAP’s Safety and Environment Manager praised the Quant Site Manager’s leadership, as well as the empowerment and teamwork demonstrated by the workers. She highlighted their collaboration in the challenges led by the steel company in terms of safety and occupational health.

High safety standards

Francisco Ferrada, Quant’s Operations Manager, emphasized the value of safety in our company:

“Our high safety standards are materialized through the methodologies we apply, such as the integrated management system aligned with the client’s. Also, detecting failures in time and correcting them helps us remain committed to our goals without losing communication with the workers: people play a fundamental role.”

Congratulations to the Quant team for this significant achievement, reflecting their dedication and commitment to the safety that characterizes Quant!