January 22, 2024

The Quant site in Louisville, US, achieves Reference Site Certification

We are happy to announce that our site in Louisville, US, has been awarded the Quant Reference Site Certification! This is a recognition awarded to the sites that reach a certain level of quality in their operations.

The Reference Site Certification is an achievement awarded to our sites demonstrating, among other things, excellence in site assessment score, customer feedback, the implementation of our Quant processes, as well as the high commitment of our employees and the demonstration of our values on the site.

Antti Ketola, Partnership Fulfillment Core Process Owner:

“It is great to start the year with this certification! As the Partnership Fulfillment process owner, I am especially happy about the level of customer engagement that has been built over the years through collaboration, commitment, and continuous improvement by the site personnel. I would like to congratulate Site Manager Alan Ricchio and the whole team in Louisville!”

Maximiliano Aqueveque, Regional Manager Americas:

“I am very proud of this achievement by our team in Louisville. I would like to thank everyone contributing to this success and extend my congratulations to the whole team! Their dedication and outstanding work are an excellent demonstration of how we build strong partnerships together with our customers to achieve mutual success.”

Tomas Rönn, CEO:

”I would like to congratulate our team in Louisville for their accomplishment. This achievement is a great example of how we reach success together with our customers, and I am very proud that our site in Louisville is now a certified reference site.”