April 28, 2023

Safe and efficient lifts and transports

Mikko Riepponen, who works as a Service Specialist in the Service Center Satakunta unit in Finland, observed for the first time a situation where heavy cargo was lifted to a height of 20 meters, then transported and loaded onto forklift pallets.

– When I saw the situation, I immediately realized that there were risks in the process that could cause damage. Therefore, I made safety observations about the situation, and the idea of a transport cage came quickly. With the cage, machines could be used to do as much of the work as possible. We decided to provide the customer with a proposal for the manufacture of transport cages to eliminate safety risks and facilitate the process.

Mikko and the customer agreed that the proposed transport cage would first be tested using one cage. The idea was further refined together with a reliable supplier of lifting aids, and by carrying out strength calculations for the structural plans of the cage.

When the plan was almost ready, Mikko presented it to the customer. The idea was further refined through joint discussions, after which the first part was implemented and its effects on the operations were followed and evaluated.

– Our customer was very satisfied with the implementation, and they noticed a clear benefit already after a few months of use, after which we implemented another four transport cages.

– Strengthening the safety in the operations is always a joint project together with the customer. We are able to offer our customers an effective perspective on the operations and can detect potential hazards, since we do maintenance work every day and are able to look at the situation from outside the box, so to speak.

A broader service offering than before

The operations of the Service Center unit in the area have been developed and grown significantly over the last few years.

– We have a good team, working conditions, tools, and equipment. Professional operations guarantee a functioning chain where there are no weak links.

The plans for the future include more workstations and new types of tools, which will allow the team to offer an even broader range of services to its customers. The team implements projects flexibly and transparently, which is also reflected in the level of trust of current customers.

– Things have been moving forward all along! We have a passion to do exactly this work. Our customers trust us, and we really appreciate it!

– We want to be able to offer a comprehensive service. We already have a good model, and the future contains many new plans, but of course there is always room for improvement.

– Furthermore, in the future, we want to provide even stronger support to our customers in the green transition. For example, so far, we have installed charging stations at our customers’ offices.