July 6, 2023

Reaching three years without Lost Time Incidents

Quant’s maintenance team in Mexico has exceeded three years without Lost Time Incidents (LTI). Perla Martinez, Quant Operations Manager, points out the strong safety culture and close cooperation with the customer as two of the key factors behind the success.

Recently, our team in Mexico celebrated three years without Lost Time Incidents (LTI). According to Quant Operations Manager Perla Martinez, some of the keys behind reaching this milestone are good communication within the team and close cooperation with the customer. Another crucial factor is risk assessments.

– We have been working a lot on the continuous risk assessments in the team, and also together with the customer. I think that the Quant model combined with our customer’s model has helped us to create a high safety awareness, Perla says.

The partnership and cooperation with the customer stretch back several years. During this time, we have implemented our procedures and processes, creating a solid foundation for improving and developing the area of maintenance.

– I would say that we take into consideration not only maintenance, which is our core business, but all the parts that can be related to it and that may have an impact on the results. I think that is what makes us stand out, Perla says.

– We take into consideration all aspects of maintenance that can help us reach our common targets. The actual maintenance is the core, but we also take into account the other areas that may have impact on it and make it a model.

“No need to look for other subcontractors”

Being able to offer a wide range of maintenance-related services is highly appreciated by the customer.

– When partnering with us, the customer can focus on their core business and they do not have to worry about the maintenance. And as we consider all aspects of it, they do not need to look for other subcontractors. They have their main supplier right there with them, Perla says.

Our way of working has gained attention from the customer, who uses Quant as an example of good cooperation and getting things done in the correct way.

– They are using us as the contractor example for how things need to be done, including safety matters. I think that says a lot about our way of working, the cooperation with the customer and what makes us stand out.