December 7, 2023

Quant‘s team awarded by our customer

One of our teams working at the Carajás site in Brazil has been awarded by our customer Vale for completing a project not only improving the safety at site, but also making the production process more efficient.

The Carajás mine is one of the largest iron ore mines in the world, and it is run by our customer Vale. Recently, one of the Quant teams at this site was awarded by Vale for the completion of a spray system installation.

In the plant’s classification circuit, there are screens acting as filters, separating materials of different sizes. What passes through the screens are materials of interest for the production, while the materials filtered out is returned to be processed again. The Quant team has now installed a mechanic screen washing system, eliminating the previous need of washing the screens manually. This has not only improved safety at site, as the operator’s exposure risk in the washing process is now eliminated, but also reduced the washing time from fourty to six minutes, significantly improving the efficiency in the production.

We are very proud of the Quant team, composed of Julimar Ribeira Ramos, Mechanical Supervisor, Edson Barros Maranhão, Welder, Fernando Viera dos Santos, Boiler Maker, Isalro Furtado Dantas, Welder, João da Costa Silva, Mechanic, Rafael Santana Silva, Boiler Maker, and Samito Roberto de Alencar, Mechanic.

The recognition was given to the Quant team by Felipe Maia, Vale Contracts Coordinator, João Mancini, Vale Contract Manager, and Elielcio de Oliveira, Vale Maintenance Supervisor.