June 23, 2021

Quant Västerås reaching 5000 days without Lost Time Incidents

In May, Quant’s site in Västerås, Sweden, reached a major milestone when achieving 5,000 days without Lost Time Incidents (LTI). According to site manager Mattias Ericsson, careful risk assessments is one of the keys behind the achievement.

– The risk assessment form is a good tool, but it is also important to stop and think before starting a job, he says.

In early May, Quant Safety Week was held, a global event with various activities related to safety. Extra focus was placed on risk assessments, which was the theme of the week. And it is well-conducted risk assessments that is key to the milestone that Quant in Västerås, Sweden, has reached, says site manager Mattias Ericsson. On May 12, 2021, the site reached 5,000 days without LTIs.

– It is a very long time. And risk assessments is key. That you take it seriously and really make it properly, he says.

– The risk assessment form is a good tool, but it is also important to stop and think before starting a job.

Minimizing risks with Quant’s digital tools

In addition to careful risk assessments, the site has continuously worked on minimizing risks, for example by constantly evaluating and adapting the clothes and tools that are being used. Guidelines and instructions have also been evaluated and adjusted.

– Our maintenance engineer has worked very hard to revise the preventive maintenance, which is very important. As the machinery ages, we naturally need to adjust our maintenance, Mattias says.

Digital tools are another factor that, according to Mattias, has contributed to the site being able to reach 5,000 days without LTIs.

– We are not finished yet, but we have started to implement quantPredict. We receive notifications before something needs to be replaced or repaired, so that we can plan that job and do it safely. This means that, for example, we do not have to go up on the roof every month just to see if something needs to be done. Instead, we get a signal and know when we need to get up there.

Committed employees behind the success

Risk assessments, risk minimization and digital tools are three factors behind the success. But Mattias also highlights a fourth, important reason to why the site has managed to maintain such a high safety level for so many years – the employees. It is a small group working together, which has led to a strong team spirit. Also, being a small working group makes it possible for all employees to participate when the daily tasks are reviewed.

– Since we are such a small group, we can go around the whole team and discuss everyone’s tasks and how each person can work safely with their particular job. In this way, it is a strength to have a small group, so that everyone can participate every day, Mattias says.

– Also, we have a very strong team spirit. If, for example, someone must stay and work after hours, the others also stay and help out so that you do not have to work alone. Everyone supports and are there for each other.