April 26, 2024

Quant Safety Month 2024: Crisis management exercise to promote safety in case an accident would occur

The fourth and last week of Quant’s safety month started on Monday, and during this week, the task has been to organize a crisis management exercise at every site.

In the Lohja Service Center, Finland, a crisis management exercise was organized on Tuesday morning. An imaginary situation was staged, where a very serious accident had happened. Safety Manager Pasi Hannula and Service Center Director Juho Jääskeläinen were at the site monitoring the situation. We also had anaesthesiology and intensive care specialist doctor Niko Neuvonen (Safety Medical Finland Oy) who participated in the exercise.

– Before the exercise started, we went through the situation together under the guidance of the doctor, and what kind of accident that was about to happen. The staff threw themselves into the exercise situation really nicely and the situation progressed realistically, says Pasi.

– The staff acted quickly and clearly in the first aid situation, and the doctor who was also present in the exercise situation gave very positive feedback about the operations. For example, a compression bandage was quickly made from a ratchet strap and a sledge-hammer, good creativity was used here, says Juho Jääskeläinen.

After the crisis management exercise, the employees at the site discussed together, led by the doctor, the possible dangerous situations that can be encountered in our field.

-We went through the situations with the doctor who was there, and he trained us on how to act in different situations. He also reminded us and gave advice on how to approach an accident, so that the helper is not in danger themself. For example, if it is an accident involving electricity, says Pasi.

We need to practice how to act in a crisis situation

A crisis situation always comes unexpectedly, and because of that, it is important to practice how you should operate and prepare, so that in the event of a possible situation, you can act in a calm and safe manner. Make sure that first aid equipment is easy to find and accessible, and that access routes are clear and clean.

-The doctor who was there, gave a good reminder of how you have to go into situations with courage. Often people may have the impression that helping can cause new injuries, but this is less often the case. I am really proud of how the staff showed a sincere desire to train. A big thank you to everyone! says Juho.

The importance of safe practices can never be overemphasized. Together, we can create a safe work environment and protect each other from dangers, and avoid situations where a crisis becomes real.

How would you act in a crisis situation? How would you do a compression bandage if an accident would occur?