March 5, 2024

Quant organizing workshop on diversity and inclusion

Quant Brazil recently conducted the workshop “Diversity and Inclusion: Transforming the Industrial Environment” to foster awareness, understanding, and commitment to the value of diversity in the industrial setting.

The event, held at the Training Center of the DOW Aratu contract in Brazil, reflects Quant’s core values and our ongoing dedication to create an inclusive environment that enhances the talents of our workforce, promotes equal opportunities, and contributes to the development of more innovative, productive, and socially responsible teams.

The conference was delivered by Cassio Vinicius, holding a master’s degree in art, education, and cultural management, with international training from Valencia, Spain. Vinicius, who specializes in programs and projects focused on student leadership, also serves as a lecturer, trainer, mentor, and consultant for public and private institutions on matters such as diversity, equity, citizenship, and management tools for both sectors.

The event also featured a musical presentation by the Escolinha São Francisco institution and the presentation of DOW’s Diversity Program.