December 13, 2023

Quant Gulf signs a partnership contract with Metal Park in UAE

Quant Gulf is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Metal Park, a provider of cost-effective solutions for the metal industry in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This collaboration aims to introduce a revolutionary service model – Maintenance as a Service (MaaS) – enhancing operational efficiency, flexibility, and agility for Metal Park and its partners.

Metal Park, renowned for providing a scalable solution that allows businesses in the metal industry to adapt to market demands, offers its members access to a network of end customers, thereby minimizing marketing costs and fostering business growth.

The partnership between Quant and Metal Park will leverage Quant’s extensive experience in industrial maintenance to deliver MaaS at Metal Park’s facilities. This service model ensures that maintenance processes are not just tasks but are transformed into comprehensive, scalable solutions tailored to enhance equipment longevity, safety, and operational efficiency.

Emphasizing Maintenance as a Service (MaaS)

MaaS by Quant at Metal Park will encompass a wide array of maintenance services, ensuring that the equipment and processes run safely, smoothly, and efficiently. This innovative service model is designed to:

  • Strengthen the safety by upholding the highest safety standards and compliance to protect the workforce and assets.
  • Enhance operational efficiency by implementing predictive and preventive maintenance strategies to minimize downtime and ensure that the equipment is operating at peak efficiency.
  • – Optimize costs by providing a flexible service model that allows Metal Park to optimize maintenance costs and focus on their core business operations.
  • – Boost productivity by utilizing data-driven insights to enhance productivity and ensure that the equipment and processes are aligned with business objectives.
  • – Support scalability by enabling Metal Park and its partners to scale operations up or down in response to market demands without compromising on maintenance quality and efficiency.

Quant  is committed to delivering unparalleled maintenance solutions that drive safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Through this partnership with Metal Park, Quant will facilitate an environment where businesses in the metal industry can thrive, with the assurance that their maintenance needs are managed by seasoned experts.

“A milestone for Metal Park“

Pekka Venäläinen, Quant Regional Manager for Europe & Middle East:

“We are very proud to enter into this partnership with Metal Park. The introduction of our model for Maintenance as a Service shows our joint commitment to innovation, in combination with our focus on high safety standards and the delivery of world-class maintenance services. We look forward to continuing to develop our services together with Metal Park during this exciting partnership.“

Vahid Fouladkar, CEO, Metal Park:

“This partnership with Quant marks a milestone for Metal Park. Together, we’re introducing Maintenance as a Service (MaaS), a revolutionary step in industrial maintenance. Combining Quant’s expertise with our innovative approach, MaaS is set to enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity, transforming maintenance into a strategic asset for the metal industry.“