May 15, 2023

Quant Finland is expanding its business – will also be an engineering hub in the future

Quant Finland is known as an industrial maintenance company, and now we are expanding our business to professional services. With the Quant Service Center’s network, new services are easily accessible to both current and new customers.

Quant Service Center’s Business Director, Juho Jääskeläinen, says that with the new design and project services, the business will expand even more nationally. The Service Center unit’s maintenance services have included for example electrical, HVAC, machining, welding and gear services.

“The traditional offering will continue and be further developed. However, we have been asked to play a bigger role in the partnership when it comes to individual projects and modernization projects, and we are now responding to that demand.”

Jääskeläinen sees a strong synergy in this concept, where Quant can offer new customers not only design and project support, but also maintenance services.

“It is our strength. The trend has turned to expect more services from one provider.”

Searching for key players

Henri Chi, Head of Industrial Project and Design Services at Quant Finland, says that the recruitment of electrical, mechanical and HVAC designers is ongoing. The positions of Safety Engineer and Project Manager will also be recruited for.

“We are looking for designers for senior roles to get operations up and running. Ideally, such a person does not expect everything to be ready, but is active in developing independently. Experience in several different design tasks is considered an advantage.”

The main focus of the Service Center’s operations is in Varsinais-Suomi, Uusimaa and Satakunta. According to Chi, the recruitment of designers is focused on the capital area or Satakunta.

Unlimited possibilities

At Quant, you become part of an international network of experts. And the expertise in Finland is utilized in the group’s other locations as well.

“We just got a big contract in Chile, and we were asked if there are people willing to go there”, says Jääskeläinen.

At Quant, you have the opportunity to further develop your own career. Henri Chi, who started as an electrician, says that he has always gotten new challenges and clear paths to develop.

“Quant encourages its employees to develop their careers. There is a severe shortage of personnel, and we want to hold on to the good guys. Many are motivated by getting a greater area of responsibility.”

Juho Jääskeläinen sums up the advantages of working at Quant by saying that the safety culture is strongly present.

“Furthermore, we have modern maintenance tools and processes. Job reporting is done by mobile and modern sensor technology is used in maintenance monitoring.”