March 31, 2023

Quant Chile participates in Swedish Mining Initiative 2023

Quant Chile took part in the Swedish Mining Initiative that reunited 150 high-level guests from the mining industry including LKAB and Boliden, Swedish mining companies leading in innovation and efficiency.

The event organized by Business Sweden and the Swedish Embassy, consisted in a full day conference to exchange experiences about sustainability, automation and digitalization. “This conference is a great milestone. We were able to learn about the automation work, to improve efficiency and the digital solutions that are being addressed in the different mining companies.  This exchange of information will allow the industries of both countries to feedback and learn from each other. The Swedish mining industry, which is recognized as one of the most innovative, sustainable, and efficient in the world, has a lot to contribute in how we innovate to move towards a more sustainable mining industry,” said the Swedish Ambassador in Chile, Tomas Wiklund.