June 22, 2023

Quant and Exeger – Transparent cooperation made development possible already during the first year

Quant and Exeger started the cooperation in April 2022. The maintenance function had previously been an integral part of Exeger’s organization and to shift to the next level, it was decided to have a dedicated function. Working with a professional industrial service company like Quant was the perfect opportunity to scale the maintenance operations and improve reliability of production machines. This is a very typical challenge in production plants where maintenance is carried out with an in-house model.

“There is no doubt that focus on service and maintenance is vital in any industrial company aiming for state-of-the-art manufacturing. Exeger is therefore strengthening this area together with Quant, a global leader in industrial maintenance.” says Nicklas Jonsson, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer at Exeger.

As maintenance is Quant’s core business, it was easier for Quant as a maintenance expert, to start developing maintenance activities towards a modern maintenance model. Quant had all the working processes, tools and systems which were ready for integration.

“When we took over the responsibility of maintenance development, in the meantime, the customer is able to focus on the development of their own core business. In the past, maintenance activities were mostly focused on performing acute repair work. So, first, we started with building up the maintenance strategy with goals, roadmap and implemented a proper work order flow”, says Niklas Henriksson, Operation Excellence Engineer.

Improved availability

Quant’s processes were integrated into the daily operations and maintenance KPIs were put in place. The KPIs have developed nicely in a positive direction, and with the improved planning regarding maintenance work, the plant availability has been improved.

“With data collection and monitoring, we were able to detect the devices that required more of our focus, and we were thus able to eliminate recurring failures. We can also see an overall positive trend. Increasing the number of planned preventive maintenance jobs has led to a decreased number of acute jobs.” says Henriksson.

The first steps have also been taken towards a predictive maintenance approach. The local team has installed sensors to monitor the operation of critical machines, and the sensors are connected to the quantPredict system.

“We are using the quantPredict system, which enables fast data flow and reaction to operational changes detected through sensors. We have been able to prevent several equipment parts from failing, which has resulted in cost savings and improved usability of the equipment.” says Henriksson

“Maintenance of the machine is all about ensuring up-time and quality, leading to more reliable production and most importantly, delivering Powerfoyle to our customers on time and quality. Minimizing the time spent on acute repairs frees up resources and allows us to focus on production and development, which is exactly what this partnership is all about. I am very happy with the results achieved this past year.” says Jonsson.

Maintenance partnership

The cooperation between Exeger and Quant has gone very well, and in terms of cooperation, we can truly speak of a maintenance partnership.

“It has been nice and easy to work with the customer, we both have had a strong desire to further develop production, machines and usability. Nothing has been impossible with them; even bigger reforms and technology have been received in a positive way. Especially openness and a positive attitude have been the key factors in success.”

“So far, we have succeeded in improving plant availability and safety, and we are already working on the following development areas. This is a good starting point for developing cooperation forward!” Henriksson states.

“Quant have set a global standard for maintenance if you want to run a state-of-the-art facility. Their extensive experience from a wide variety of industries has been very beneficial for safety, helping us further improve our work environments with global best practices. Quant is a boost to our workforce and have become a natural part of our daily workflow.” says Jonsson