August 17, 2023

From apprentice to employee: “Good potential to grow your career”

Following a two-year apprenticeship, Felix Nguyen was recently hired as a junior staff member of our team in Baden, Switzerland. He gained a lot of experience and knowledge during the apprenticeship and is now looking forward to continuing his learning path.

– I get good support from my senior colleagues and there is a good potential to develop in my professional role here, he says.

Recently, we welcomed Felix Nguyen as a new member of our site team in Baden, Switzerland. Felix has been doing an apprenticeship as a polymechanic, which has now turned into an employment. Through Libs, a training company in the Swiss high-tech industry cooperating with Quant, Felix got his apprenticeship placement with us after completing the first two years of the program.

– There is a two-year basic knowledge training part, followed by a two-year advanced training. I wanted to develop myself within the area of maintenance and Quant could offer me this interesting career path, Felix says.

During his apprenticeship, Felix got support from senior staff members to gain expertise. He worked with maintaining and adjusting fixtures and was also responsible for some smaller independent projects regarding minor repairs and similar.

– I have learned a lot during this time. For example, I have gained skills, knowledge, and competence, and developed a structural approach to execute dedicated tasks according to the job requirements, he says.

– Another aspect is the way of working – to think before you act and to execute tasks in a correct and safe manner.

Good potential to grow your career

Although the apprenticeship has now turned into an employment, the learning path continues. Felix works with senior engineers on a daily basis to learn and develop even more, while his area of responsibility is growing.

– I have started to take over more responsibility for certain maintenance and repair tasks, and I can also work more independently to develop myself.

He thinks Quant is a good place to work, highlighting the teamwork and support from colleagues and supervisors. The work tasks are varied, and there is a good potential to grow in his professional role.

– I would recommend working at Quant. The team spirit is good, and the work is flexible and varied which is fun, he says.

– I think an open-minded person with a multicultural mindset would enjoy working here. If you want to take responsibility in your professional role and are a service-minded person, Quant is a good place to work.