January 7, 2021

Different sources of power increase the risk of accidents – proper safety methods keep workers safe

Depending on the production plant, the need for different energies at different stages in the production process varies. However, almost without exception, each plant requires more than one source of power during the production stages, such as pneumatics, hydraulics, and electricity. It is therefore advisable to take into account the higher accident risk caused by these energies, with the necessary safety methods.

Quant Finland started a LOTO project with one of our customers, the purpose of which was to further improve the safety of the production plant and ensure the safety of employees in the factory environment, taking a more detailed approach of possible accident risk factors.

LOTO, or Lockout-Tagout, is a safety method that means that the machines are properly shut down and locked so that they cannot be restarted, until the locks that prevent starting are removed. This means that service and maintenance measures, for example, can be performed safely.

Our customer’s production facility handles heavy materials that require different energies to help the production process in the factory. Each line in the production facility was inspected and examined what energies and motors are used on that particular line, as well as what kind of energy separation devices are currently in use. Following the risk assessment, new security separation policies were created line by line. The project as a whole has progressed successfully.

– We have prepared the instructions and the necessary locks and accessories are ready for three process machines. The next step is to implement the practices for the employees and train the client’s employees, says Markus Kilpiäinen, who was responsible for the project.

Safety First!

The unifying factor with our client is precisely the same world of thought based on working with “safety first”. Our customers have been pleased with the way we have taken work and safety together once again, an important step forward.

Our extensive cooperation extends to several sites where we intend to continue the joint project forward.