January 18, 2024

Codelco acknowledges Quant for our participation in the Strategic Collaboration Program

We are proud to have been recognized by our customer Codelco for our outstanding participation in their Collaborating Companies Strategy Program, which involved ten partner companies working to improve their management in areas such as diversity, gender equity, and inclusion.

Quant has played a crucial role in this innovative pilot initiative at Codelco Andina, enabling the division to incorporate an additional 11% of local workforce into their operations. As a result, a total of 147 new workers from neighboring communities joined Andina’s operations, thanks to collaborative efforts driven by the Third-Party Oversight and Community Development departments.

Participating companies, including Cacciuttolo, Consorcio Andino, ICV, ISS, Mies, Nexxo, Salfa mantenciones, Schwager, Siemens, and Quant, not only committed to supporting the division’s efforts to strengthen local employment, but also engaged in various discussions and workshops focused on enhancing the well-being and professional development of employees.

These outstanding results were celebrated at a closing ceremony held in the Saladillo area, attended by representatives from all companies, as well as the divisional executive committee led by the General Manager of Codelco Andina, Lindor Quiroga. Maximiliano Aqueveque, VP Americas, Mario Quiroz, Operations Manager, Mario Carvajal, Contract Site Manager, and Roxana González, HR Manager, attended as representatives from Quant.

At the event, Lindor Quiroga, General Manager of Codelco Andina, thanked the partner companies for their commitment:

“We are proud to integrate residents of our communities into the workforce to contribute to the greater development of the region. Additionally, I want to emphasize that this marks the beginning of a program that we aspire to continue in the future”, Quiroga expressed.

Quant is proud to participate in this impactful initiative and remains committed to contribute to the region’s development with social value and creating a positive impact through our operations.