July 6, 2023

“One positive aspect is the opportunity to travel and see the world”

Atso Aalto has worked in several different countries and seen very different construction sites during his career before joining Quant, which he did about five years ago.

– I have been interested in the electrical field since middle school, and since then, additional training has come naturally, and lead me to electrical automation. In my previous workplace, I worked as a Service Engineer and as I travelled around the world for a couple of years, I had time to see many types of construction sites. And especially regarding occupational safety, I noticed a clear difference between what we are used to for example here in Finland, and now when I work at Quant.

For the past five years, Atso has worked as an Automation Engineer as part of Quant’s site team in Lohja, Finland.

– I have had a great time! My working day consists of, among other things, troubleshooting, planning changes, cost calculations and preparing offers, and of course I am also involved in the implementation of projects. We have a positive attitude here and the jokes fly, humour is an important part of the comfort and team spirit, Atso says.

He tells how automation has become a more prominent part of the work over the years.

– There have been changes in the industry over the years. Automation has become a more prominent part of the work, the devices talk to each other and form even more comprehensive sets of devices. Of course, this development has also brought with it new challenges for troubleshooting, for example, but at the same time it has also made it possible to better control the units, Atso states.

Continuous improvements

As one of the particularly positive aspects of his job, Atso mentions the opportunities brought by working in the field, for example to travel.

– There are plenty of jobs in this industry, and the positive side is also the opportunity to travel and see the world, if that interests you. The jobs are very varied and the sites are big and always different, due to, for example, the fact that the equipment are of different ages. It provides a nice challenge to the working days.

– I am particularly motivated by a certain kind of freedom to do my own work. Naturally, certain tasks have to be handled in a certain way, but there are also tasks where I can independently choose how I do my work. Of course, a good work community is also motivating!

Atso sees opportunities in working at Quant.

– Quant is a good company that is developing. Things are constantly being improved, especially when it comes to safety. Clearly, the company is taking a stronger position in the market all the time. Training opportunities are also being provided for the employees, which is a positive thing, Atso says.