mars 16, 2021

Technical high school students doing their internship at Quant

In 2020, over 100 technical education students in Brazil and Chile participated in Quant’s Technical training days. The project aims to support and attract talented students currently completing their technical education to join our company in the coming years. Some students – such as Franchesca Salinas and Matías Leiva – also got the chance to do their internship at Quant. 

Franchesca Salinas, 18 years old, has graduated from High School as a Middle Technician in Electricity. She is very happy with everything she has learned in Quant, since there were some subjects last year that she did not learn at school because of the pandemic.

“It was difficult to practice because there were almost no face-to-face classes. It is harder with electricity when you do not see it, but you have to imagine it”, Franchesca explains.

When she was offered to extend her internship for another month, Franchesca did not hesitate.

“The internship has helped me a lot. I did not know an engine or how many types there were. I did not know its parts, what each one was used for, or the connections it had inside. All that was explained to me here ”, says Franchesca, who has also felt very welcomed by the people at Quant;

”They are super protective, and they answer your questions. I felt good and I am very happy”.

10 out of 10 for Quant

Matías Leiva, 17, graduated from High School with the title Specialist in Metallic Structures. He participated in the workshop organized by Quant Americas and was selected to carry out his internship at Quant.

It was a great experience to him, as he says he did not know what working for a company was like, how a company was composed, or all the procedures it has.

“I have learned a lot. I want to study industrial maintenance and work to pay for my studies, but of course I would also like to stay here since I would get a chance to become more specialized”, he says.

“I learned everything about welding, exposure and amperage here. In school I saw it during just one week, but here I have practiced it in detail. I have felt comfortable, it was not difficult for me to adapt and everyone has been very attentive. If I ask, they answer me and repeat until I understand. I would give the Quant people a 10 out of 10!”.