7 kesäkuun, 2022

Quant opening doors to the Swedish job market

In 2021, Quant participated in Jobbsprånget, an internship program that gives newcomer academics the opportunity to enter the Swedish job market. Fredrik Haglind, Product Manager at Quant’s site in Ludvika, was a mentor to Neelambikai Pillai who has now got hired for a job in her field.

– I am glad that I started my journey in the Swedish job market with Quant. I have learned from many awesome people from versatile departments, she says.

Jobbsprånget is Sweden’s largest internship program for newcomer academics and is funded by the Swedish government and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. The initiative was started with the aim of making it easier for foreign academics to enter the Swedish job market, something that has proven to be difficult due to a lack of references, contacts, or language skills.

In 2021, Quant participated in the program by offering an internship to Neelambikai Pillai, who has an electrical engineering degree from Anna University in Chennai, India. We will participate again in the autumn of 2022.

– For us, this is a really good and inspiring initiative! It gives us the opportunity to develop both as individuals and as a company, and we gain valuable expertise at the same time as being able to contribute to helping others, says Sandra Enarsson Sundin, HR Manager for Quant Europe.

”Huge learning opportunities”

Fredrik Haglind works as Product Manager at Quant’s site in Ludvika, Sweden. During the autumn and spring, he was mentoring Neelambikai, who after the internship period got offered an employment within her field of expertise.

– Our project was based on digitalization of balers and compactors. By connecting the supplier’s cloud solution with our maintenance system, the goal was to get full control of our balers and compactors, to receive machine error messages as work orders directly into our maintenance system, and to be able to go from time based to condition based maintenance, based on the machines’ operating time, Fredrik says.

For Neelambikai, the internship period was a valuable experience on her way to a job in Sweden.

– I am glad that I started my journey in the Swedish job market with Quant. I have learned from many awesome people from versatile departments, she says.

– I am grateful to have a mentor like Fredrik. He is thorough, resourceful, and compassionate. He made me feel welcomed as I began my professional journey and gave huge learning opportunities throughout my internship.

New internship program in the autumn of 2022

Fredrik also sees great value in having had the chance to participate as a mentor in the internship program.

– In addition to it being inspiring to be able to bring foreign skills into the job market, it is a good learning opportunity to explain Quant’s values and to show our systems and processes. It gives us multiple perspectives on things and has given us the chance to develop our services even more, he says.

– Now we also had the opportunity to focus on an area in need of development. This is something I really recommend others to do if they get the chance.

The next internship period will begin in the autumn of 2022 and the plan is for Quant to participate once again by offering an internship. The participants get a general presentation of Quant as a company and what different roles we have to offer our employees, and the applicants can then specify in what location they want to work and what field they have experience from and are interested in.

– This program creates value for us as a company, our customers, as well as for the intern and the mentor. It provides opportunities for exchange of skills and knowledge, and makes us grow together, Sandra says.