28 helmikuun, 2017

Quant employs Chief Digital Officer to strengthen digital maintenance capability

Digitization is reshaping industry; it renders old practices obsolete, gives birth to new business models and turns our view of industrial production on its head. Maintenance is no exception and among maintenance outsourcing providers the dividing line between those who have embraced digitization and those who have not is becoming increasingly distinct. Having a strong digital toolbox makes it possible to reach new productivity levels and build a knowledge base that is hard to replicate through good maintenance processes alone.

“When looking at recent contract wins it is striking how many of the new customers who have pointed out that they chose Quant because of our digital capabilities” says Olof Sand, CEO of Quant, and continues “Hiring a CDO will further strengthen our position as a leader in industrial maintenance. We have an attractive digital toolbox as of today, but with a CDO in the executive management team we will set the digital agenda in our industry, adopt new technologies faster than anyone else and ensure that we have the best digital offer in the market”.

Olof Hedin is the newly appointed CDO of Quant. He started his career as a trainee at ABB 1994 where he worked with DCS and MES systems for the process industry. He then moved into the IT industry and worked with companies like SAP, KnowIT and Acando. Since 2012 Olof has been the CIO of Permobil a manufacturer of Power Wheel Chairs where he has led the company through an IT transformation and the digitization of the offer around wheelchairs largely occurring in the cloud. He will assume his position as CDO in mid-April.

How does this fit in with Quant’s strategy? “Digitization is disruptive, and while other companies try to force fit digitization into their strategy we are re-engineering our strategy around it. Our value proposition to customers today has a much stronger emphasis on business models enabled by digitization than only a few years ago. That said, our competitive edge lies in the combination of employee knowledge, leading processes & methodologies, world-class safety stewardship, and a tailored digital platform” says Jacob Duhan, SVP Group Strategy & Business Development at Quant.