10 toukokuun, 2023

Awarded for the implementation of Quant safety procedures and processes

Earlier this year, the Emicool site team in Dubai was announced the winners of the OHSE category of Quant Awards. This team is a great example of living up to our high standards in safety, an area we are currently focusing extra on during the ongoing Quant Safety Week 2023.

In the beginning of May, Quant Safety Week 2023 is held. With the aim of strengthening our safety culture even further, various activities are arranged at our different sites around the world. The main theme of the event is risk assessment, and this year’s slogan is “I care, We care”, with the objective of reinforcing the importance of evaluating the risks of any activity, regardless of how simple it may seem, in order to get home safe and sound after the workday.

Implementing Quant safety procedures and processes

A great example of a Quant team that personifies the importance of safety within our company is the Emicool site team in Dubai, who were announced the winners in the OHSE category of Quant Awards.

“For the implementation of a comprehensive set of Quant safety procedures and Quant processes”, the justification read.

Quant Awards is an annual event within Quant, and all employees have the opportunity to nominate a colleague that they feel deserves to be awarded for their work in any of the categories OHSE, customer service, collegial support or innovation.

For the Emicool site team, their team spirit is one of the keys to the success within the area of safety.

– Together we are stronger! Obviously, any team would have a combination and variety of experiences, knowledge, and skill sets. By respecting each other and our values, our team spirit is ensured and hence motivation improves to reach new heights and to do better day-by-day, says Operations Manager Hari Sridharan.

“Safety is deeply embedded in our culture”

Quant is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the whole plant. When the contract started, one of the challenges we faced was the state of the OHSE at that time. To improve the standards within the area, we have since then implemented a wide range of OHSE initiatives.

Another important part of raising the safety standard is working with awareness and mindset within the team.

– Safety is deeply embedded in our culture, and we choose to work safely to protect our team, customers, and third parties. At the Emicool site, we have implemented a comprehensive set of Quant safety procedures and processes, while also focusing on training, motivation, and awareness to encourage our team to uphold the highest safety standards, says Site Manager Somasundaram Ramasamy.