março 22, 2023

“With quantPredict it is possible! “

Digital solutions are in great importance in modern maintenance process. When the solutions have been seamlessly integrated into daily maintenance process ‘, it affects positively to work efficiency, costs, planning and which is most important, makes work safer. We saw a great example about how the modern tools can really save costs, in Estonia, at the beginning of the year.

quantPredict is one of our digital solutions, which gather information from different kind of sensors and combines all the data to one place. Our experts can easily compare and analyse the data and the correlations. System makes possible to analyse gathered information deeper and in a more efficient way.

At our site, in Estonia, our goal was to develop work efficiency and planning by implementing condition monitoring sensors and quantPredict system. The new sensors were installed on the most crucial equipment’s to follow temperature and vibration, and those were connected to our system, quantPredict.

-We have now around 50 sensors in use at our site, and I see there is potential to have more in the future as well. With these new sensors and quantPredict we were able to save costs and work more sustainable as well.

Importance of quick response

Each sensor has a pre-set limit in quantPredict. It is important that the limit is optimal, and the team will respond quickly to the received alert. For example, in this case, when the temperature limit of the electric motor was exceeded, quantPredict automatically sent an alert to the CMMS, which Mikk Paap received and arranged the team on site to examine the situation.

-I got the alert from the system when I was at home. I saw that temperature has increased quickly in just one hour. It’s truly important to review the limits and ensure that those are correct and optimal, occasionally. In this case, we were able to save the electric motor and probably around 100 000€, the cost of raw material in the machine, says Mikk Paap, Technical Engineer, Quant Estonia.

The most important thing was team’s quick response to the alert because the temperature of the electric motor increased quickly. In only one hour, starting from the alert, the electric motor was fixed. If the team would not receive the alert that quickly from the system, the electric would have broken down and the raw material could have been lost.

– With quick response, customer did not have to invest in a new electric motor and which is more important, the raw material has been saved as well. We can say quite big amount of money were saved and quantPredict helped to make it possible! Says Balazs Vago, Digital Product Specialist, Quant.

– Our team reacted very fast to the occurred situation. From the time the alert was received to the time when the temperature started to drop, it took only one hour. I am very proud of our team!  Balazs said.