maio 6, 2022

Teamwork and safety focus are the keys to success in Quant’s CAP contract

In May, we arrange Quant Safety Week 2022, a global event within Quant aiming at strengthening our safety culture even further and spreading the principle of “Raise Your Hand”, which is the theme of this year’s edition. In our contract at CAP, Chile, the concern for Occupational Health and Safety is reflected in the daily activities at the site and is also recognized by the customer.

For the second consecutive year, we arrange Quant Safety Week, an event in which we concentrate on different safety related activities such as workshops, visible leadership and contests. The central theme of this year’s edition is “Raise your Hand”, a principle empowering everyone to stop a work if noticing a potential safety risk, which has also been our hallmark in the contract of the Primary Production Unit, UPP, of Siderúrgica Huachipato, CAP.

Since July 2021, we are responsible for the maintenance in this contract, with very good results in productivity and promotion of our safety culture. This is confirmed by the superintendent of the contract, José Manuel Pastene, who appreciates the opportunity to be part of the Safety Week 2022, as well as the work for continuous improvement within the area of safety.

– The Occupational Health and Safety of all our employees is – in addition to being the pillar from which we build our sustainability – an unavoidable ethical imperative. In this sense, the Quant team have been consistently demonstrating their determined contribution, empowering all their workers in this process; proof of this are their permanent safety campaigns, active pauses, constant dissemination of protocols, incidents and reportability, he says.

“I would like to congratulate Quant”

According to Pastene, Quant have succeeded in integrating into CAP’s own activities, such as LEAN panels and Safety Walks.

– I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Quant on this initiative and the principle of “Raise your hand”, which undoubtedly commits us all – in accordance with our Management Policy – to continuously work on building a preventive culture, based on safe and cautious measures.

In addition to maintenance, Quant perform a plant shutdown every seventh week in industrial mechanic, structural mechanic, and electro control, which includes equipment lubrication, within the areas of Altos Hornos, Materias Primas, Terminal Marítimo, Coque Plant and Sub-Products. In addition, we are responsible for the programming, coordination, and control of both technical and administrative activities.

According to the Quant site manager of the contract, Manuel Martínez, the good results are to a large extent explained by teamwork.

– We have good results because we have always worked as a team, including the entire line of administration, maintenance, and supervision. In addition, I believe that the key to success has also been to recognize everyone first as a person, then as workers, and make them participants in the process, not only in safety but in all areas, he says.