outubro 22, 2021

Quant inaugurates Interactive Early Stimulation Room

With great pride, Quant Americas inaugurated an Interactive Early Stimulation Room on October 14 in Antofagasta, Chile.

The project, presented by the Quant team in Los Colorados in collaboration with the foundation Mi Casa, was selected to be financed by +UNIDOS Corporate Volunteering Program, which seeks to link the employees and collaborators of our customer Escondida BHP with social organizations, to carry out initiatives that help solve social challenges.

With the aim of generating a true social impact in the community in which we operate, the Quant team outlined this project, together with the foundation Mi Casa, to welcome lactating and preschool children who have had to be separated from their family environment, when their physical, psychological and/or social integrity is at risk.

“This space would allow these children to have a home and to develop emotional and cognitive skills in this valuable stage of life, through classes and playful activities”, said Carlos Pons, Analyst of Welfare and Quality of Life of Quant.

“It gives us hope”

Delia Del Gatto, executive director of the Mi Casa, expressed her gratitude to our company:

“It is very important for us as an FMC team and for the community that Quant employees have the ability to be so sensitive and to understand the complexity involved in accompanying infants and preschool children who have had their rights violated.”

“Working together, in this collaboration between people who did previously not know each other, we have made it possible. This makes us feel good as individuals, organizations, and enterprises. It is a powerful signal to society which gives us hope”, added Del Gatto.