Quant Safety Awards 2016

At Quant, our goal is zero harm and we are working to become and remain best in class in safety. To support this target we promote and recognize great safety behaviors in form of yearly safety awards. Award program was launched in 2016 first time and it will continue as yearly event, providing people an opportunity to get nominated round the year. Our teams have done great improvements during existence of Quant for safety behaviors and have helped Quant to be safer company. Thank you all for these great efforts!

We would like to encourage everybody to be even better in the coming future, working actively on safety improvements to receive the real prize which is to come back home safely every single day.

Regarding the criterias for awards, persons are selected based on colleague nominations where we value
– demonstrated safety leadership, teamwork or culture,
– contribution to safety improvement in a specific area,
– wider safety improvements beyond persons own responsibility area,
– responsiveness to a safety risk or safety emergency.

Quant Annual Safety Awards

In year 2016 we have selected three winners for Quant Safety Awards. They are
– Claudio Calalesina, Argentina (Mechanic)
– Tord Jozsa, Sweden (Technician)
– Mikko Laine, Finland (Electrician)

All these employees have presented exemplary safety leadership at their sites. Congratulations! Attached pictures from awarding ceremonies at winners’ sites.

Mikko Laine

Mikko Laine (in the middle) with his supervisor Iiris Paavisto and NCE region manager Pekka Venäläinen.

Tord Jozsa

Tord Jozsa (third from left) with Sweden operations manager Gustaf Nygren, Quant group safety manager Mika Puontila and Ludvika site manager Jon Persson Hagström.

Claudio Calasesina

Claudio Calasesina (right) receiving his award from SAM region manager Maximiliano Aqueveque.


For more information, please contact:
Mika Puontila
Phone no: +46 72 718 50 72
Email: mika.puontila@quantservice.com